I’m Lyndon Voigt. I’m the guy behind Farmer Life.
Yes, that’s me driving the tractor for my Grandpa while he puts the hay out for the cows. I’m now well in my 50’s so I really have been living the farmer’s life all my life – well sort of. You see, having a family and a career can mean for many, and did for me, having to move away from where your true heart lies. For me, farming is at the heart of it. I also have to live in the real world that often keeps me away from it, so I come up close to a farmer’s life whenever I can – like a touchstone that grounds me back to who I really am. I do it by growing a vege garden in the back yard, by growing microgreens, by consuming any and all information related to farms, farming, living on the land and being connected to the earth in a real pragmatic way.
This blog is a way I can share my passion for all things farming and gardening and hopefully share some of my knowledge and experience through the process. Shootin’ the breeze doesn’t have to be confined to the front porch anymore, now there’s a whole world to share my deep and abiding love of all things farming with.

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