Creative Vegetable Garden Ideas: 12 of the best

When it comes to making the veggie garden stylish, some seem to have more of a creative touch than others. They just seem to have that knack of making vegetable gardens in their yard stand out so you can’t help saying to yourself “a master gardener lives here”. If you, like myself, are just one of the more ordinary folk who loves gardening but struggles a bit to get that classy look, all is not lost! We can learn from the gardening style overachievers to achieve our own creative vegetable garden space. What is good about it is that it doesn’t even have to cost a fortune to achieve it.

Old Nic Nacs and Implements

OK, we’re not talking about that shovel you left out in the garden last week and haven’t put away yet – or maybe we are! It could be that your creative side is trying to reveal itself through the subtle art of forgetfulness. No but seriously, you can collect up those old garden implements and some odd bod containers like wooden boxes and metal tubs, and use then to create that old-fashioned look. Plant some herbs and flowers in old pots and pans – anything that looks a bit dilapidated and ‘lived-in’, to see them transformed in to shabby garden chic. Just make sure that you can fit enough soil in each container to properly support the needs of the plants you use.

The effect can be quite beautiful. And because no one has the same collection of old implements, your styling efforts will be a unique one-off affair.  Go wild, mix it up, have fun.

Old Wheelbarrow

Old weather beaten wheelbarrows that are way past their use-by-date for the purpose they where first created, can have a long and leisurely retirement in pride of place in the yard – actually several ‘prides-of-places’, because its mobile! This is perfect for flowers or herbs – or even leafy greens. Move them around to follow the sun or have some shade on a really hot day. Because of their size, they hold a good amount of soil which provides more stability for the plants. Make sure there are some holes in the bottom of the tray though – otherwise you’ll drown the plants the first time you have a big downpour.

Privacy Screens

If it’s privacy you’re seeking, find some trailing plants or climbing plants and put up a trellis, old ladder or some other way for them to climb.

Set the design up where you wish to have more privacy such as on a deck, a porch or somewhere. Great options include jasmine, clematis, climbing roses, beans (yes climbing beans are a great way to go), ivy or the like.

Stacked Pots

If you’re looking for some fun, try gathering up several different sized flower pots. Set the largest pot down and plant the flowers around the outer edge. Set the next size pot in the middle and do the same. The smallest pot goes on top and you fill it full of even more flowers.

Ideal for porch or deck stairs, areas that need a pop of color and rock areas.

Rock Garden Succulents

If you’re in a climate that has really hot summers you may wish to consider a collection of rocks and plant some succulents such as mother and chicks in between your rocks.

They’ll thrive in this environment and you don’ t have to give them a lot of water.

Old Chandeliers

Collect some old chandeliers and attach some flower pots to them. Plant a mix of trailing plants and colorful flowers in them and hang them on a porch or deck.

Old Pallets

Old pallets have a lot of great uses. You can put dirt in between the slats and use them flat or stand them up vertically. Ideal for vegetable gardens or flower gardens.

You can also adjust these and use them as your “hedge” or privacy screen. Stack them on top of each other vertically or horizontally to adjust the height.

Old Tires

Create a “wishing well” with old Tires. Stack three tires together and paint them to look like bricks or even all one color. Fill with potting soil and add in some pretty flowers.

Set a “well” and handle set up on top and you have an instant wishing well. Quaint and inexpensive and fun to set up in your yard.

Old Tree Stumps

Do you have an old tree stump in your yard that is an eye sore? If so, take heart, you can use this in your garden decor. Set a large flower pot on top with some gorgeous flowers.

You can then put more flower pots around it in graduating sizes and work your way out. You could also put some rocks up against the stump and add in some flowers too.

Base Of A Tree

If you have a tree that has a wide area around it that nothing grows in, take heart. Gather up some bricks, rocks, stepping stones or whatever you have on hand and set them around the perimeter.

Stack them about six inches to 12 inches high and put potting soil in the circle at the base of the tree. Plant some pretty flowers in the soil or set some flower pots in there around them.

Toppled Garden

Lay old broken flower pots on their side or use half a whiskey barrel on its side. Plant flowers in soil inside of the flower pots, whiskey barrel or whatever the container is and then have them “spilling” out for a few feet farther.

It will appear as if the flower pots or whiskey barrel has toppled over and the flowers are spilling out.


Set “pet rocks” that are painted as bugs like dragonflies or lady bugs, frogs, turtles and the like in amongst a flower garden.

Kids love to try and find all of the different species.

These ideas will get your creative gardening juices going and help you to design a unique and one of a kind garden. Happy gardening.


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