Lose Weight Quickly By Adding Enjoyable Exercise To Your Life

When you want to lose weight quickly, you need all the support you can get. One basic way to build the mental strength needed to lose weight quickly is with an exercise routine. Exercise provides valuable insights into our behavior and is a foundation we can build mental strength upon. The same mental strength can also help us stick to a weight loss diet.

One Supports The Other!

Trying to become a disciplined master of the mind while staring at a TV all day while trying to diet is just not realistic. Diet and exercise can and should be used to build a strong character and a healthy body and mind. One supports the other. While exercise provides benefits in your journey, so does the change that eating wholesome food has on your health and wellbeing.

Another important and powerful thing you can do is to write out your goals and objectives and see if you can stick with them. This might seem like very basic and fundamental advice. But… If you do not keep track of the fundamentals you will run into difficulties later on with motivation and ‘stickability’.

Start Exercising Immediately

Immediately starting an exercise routine, even while you’re getting the other supportive components in place, will help you keep on track from the start. One immediate benefit that I’ve always found is the natural highs that come with even a light exercise program – that extra little positive boost is sometimes enough to help you resist that sweet treat you can’t get your mind off. So with sweet treats tempting you at every turn, it may be too hard to keep focused – a regular exercise routine will help with that.

Exercise Provides Wonderful Indirect Benefits

If you want to lose weight quickly it is going to take high levels of discipline. One way to make that discipline so much more enjoyable is by adding exercise. So you need to make regular exercise your friend.

The reason why may not be what you expect. You could say that exercise is your best friend that acts to support and encourage you through your journey. It’s not a miracle component, but you must have it if you want to succeed and it makes the journey a lot easier.

Exercise does burn extra calories and therefore does help to widen your calorie deficit. But it’s direct effect on weight loss is typically quite small. In fact, it’s not uncommon to gain weight when you start exercising. The real weight reduction benefits of exercise are indirect ones:

  • It raises our metabolic rate, helping us to burn calories at a slightly faster rate,
  • Improves our mood, which typically reduces our need for comfort-eating.

However, don’t overdo your exercise workouts. I’ve lost count of the number of dieters who started exercising too vigorously and burnt out within 3 weeks.

Ideally, start with 45 minutes/day of any physical activity you can easily manage, and very gradually increase the duration and intensity. Listen to your body at all times, and be sure to loosen up beforehand and wind down afterward.

You Need More Support Than Just Exercise

Thankfully, there are many additional ways to increase the mental and emotional power you need for the task. And it has never been easier to embark on a campaign of self-development when dieting than it is today with all of the resources at your disposal, especially with the internet and instant communications. We have all of the tools. We just need some willpower and determination. I’m not trying to make it sound easy, because it isn’t. But it is achievable and it is something you can achieve.

If you really want to lose weight your first priority is to find support. Exercise will help you stick with your plan but it is likely that you will need more than just that to change the habits that lead you astray.

So join a diet-group at work, or a fitness class, or go to weight loss meetings. Or alternatively, join an online forum. Losing weight on your own is perfectly possible, but it is a lot harder, even with the supportive help of exercise. It’s all good when things are going well and those scales are telling you what you want to hear, but when difficulties arise, as they surely will, having the support of real people can make all the difference between success and failure. Plan for that now and make those supportive connections before those tough times arrive.

Be Strategic With Exercise During Weight Loss

At some point, you will hit a plateau in your weight loss, so change up your exercise routine. Unless you increase the intensity of your workouts, your body will not be able to sustain its initial rate of weight loss.

As stated earlier in this guide, maintaining proper weight could feel like a constant uphill battle. There are temptations everywhere and they are impossible to avoid. If tempting treats threaten to ruin all your efforts to lose weight, just try some of these tips to keep you on track and keep the weight off!

Supportive Essential Vitamins

Goji, spirulina and chia seeds superfoods

Sometimes dieting can rob you of essential vitamins and nutrients. While you can get the essential vitamins from a multivitamin, taking a superfood supplement powers that whole process up by supplying all those amazing polyphenols and other plant-based compounds that heal and regenerate your cell machinery. You can get Organifi’s certified organic green superfood supplement at Amazon (affiliate link).

Be Cautious Of Fad Diets

Even with supportive exercise in place, you need to be cautious of the so-called Fad diets. They may seem like the best way to lose weight fast – and they can help make some initial progress, but proceed carefully.

One of the supportive elements of dieting is the direct benefits of eating new, healthier foods – giving your body a rest from some of the less ideal eating habits you may have fallen in to.

The thing is, one person’s ‘fad’ is another person’s ‘this really worked for me’ so you need to be a bit open-minded about what works for you. But if what you are eating is a bit extreme initially, you need to quickly transition to a long-term way of being that will give you the best chance at sustained results. If you want to lose weight successfully and keep it off in the long term, you should progress to a more balanced way of treating yourself that will last the distance. You’ve got to address the issue from multiple fronts, and fad diets can sometimes act as ‘a shiny new thing’ that keeps us from making progress in the big picture. They also have some specific problems. A major issue with them is that you will get sick of fad diets that have you eating just a small group of foods. That approach does not support healthy eating habits.

So as an alternative to a fad diet, opt for a lifestyle and sustainable diet that promotes healthy choices. A good exercise program is a fundamental part of this approach.

Additional Tips And Tricks To Support Your Weight Loss

Here are some additional tips and tricks, in no special order that I have found supportive when trying to lose weight.

  • It is much easier to lose weight when you have an idea of what strategies will be most effective for your specific situation. Exercise in the morning if you find you have more energy at that time of day. For night people, don’t hesitate to work out at night. If you do not enjoy going to the gym, consider buying exercise equipment for your home.
  • Have a protein shake to curb hunger pangs. Use a couple of spoons of protein power and drink this when you are hungry. It will fill you up without damaging your diet.
  • Keep track of how many calories you eat. This can be done in a lined journal or notepad. Use this notebook as a journal for tracking your food intake. Record what you eat, how many servings and how many calories each food item contained. This process helps you keep on top of what you eat, when, and how many calories you are taking in.
  • Potato fans on a diet can substitute the starchy potato with cauliflower, a much healthier, low-calorie alternative. Steam some cauliflower florets on your stovetop, mixing in some diced onions. When it’s tender, puree it, adding in chicken or vegetable stock and a bit of fresh pepper. By doing this, you will now have a yummy side dish you can serve for your dinners that have all of the nutritional benefits of the kale family, and with just a small amount of carbs.
  • You can aid your weight loss by eating a lot of walnuts. One study revealed that eating walnuts with breakfast kept people feeling fuller than those who didn’t have walnuts.
  • Drinking skim milk or eating healthy soup before a meal is a great weight-loss tool. Milk will enable you to feel full, therefore, drinking it before a meal will cause you not to overeat. Milk also has calcium for building muscles and strengthening bones.
  • On a diet, you shouldn’t drink alcohol while eating. Alcohol has too many calories and makes you eat more than you normally would. When you drink alcoholic beverages, you take in empty calories that negatively affect your nutrition levels.
  • More home-cooked food, less eating out.
  • More fresh fruit as snacks.
  • More fresh vegetables as snacks and with meals.
  • More beans as sides or in stews.
  • More dense chewy bread, less refined white breads and bread snacks.
  • More fish, skinless chicken/turkey, less red meat.
  • Smaller servings of red meat, larger servings of vegetables.
  • Eating low fat dairy foods.
  • Adding less fat in the form of butter, mayo, sour cream, to the food on your plate. This is a huge source of excessive calories.
  • Stocking up with healthy snack foods to keep hunger at bay. If you fill up with healthy nutritious calories, you won’t want the junk foods that hunger makes you eat. As far as weight management goes, hunger remains Public Enemy Number One.


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