Rose Gardening Glossary

Terms every rose gardener needs to know.

All-American Rose Selections (AARS)

A nonprofit organization that identifies outstanding new roses that have successfully completed a two-year trial period in AARS test gardens around the country


A landscaped space where trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants are cultivated for scientific study, educational purposes, and to foster appreciation of plants.


The main stems of a rose plant


A glass covered building to house or conserve plants, more elaborate than a greenhouse.


A cultivar is a rose variety that is the product of hybridization. There are thousands of rose varieties.


The colorful cherry-like fruit of the rose flower that is rich in vitamin C. Deadheading roses prevents the formation of hips but encourages multiple blooms.

International Registration Authority for Roses

The American Rose Society is responsible for registering new rose varieties (cultivars).

Plant Hardiness Zones

The contiguous United States and southern Canada were divided into 10 zones based on a 10 F (5.6 C) difference in average annual minimum temperature.


The study of the general principles of scientific classification, especially the orderly classification of plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships.


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