Working With Animals: The Professions In Contact With Animals

How many of us would like to escape from the sad walls of our office and work with animals ?

Even if at first glance it would seem difficult to transform our passion into a real job, with the hard and constant commitment, adequate preparation, strong passion, and a bit of luck it is possible to work with animals.

Tenacity is the decisive factor in my opinion for success or failure in any field.

The type of work is more coveted, the more difficult it is to get it and if on the one hand it is a source of stress on the other it is an incentive to do it all.

Final satisfaction will be greater. Those who want to work with animals have various possibilities before them.

The professions are different, some require an appropriate schooling and others do not.

Some professions are well known and of long tradition while others are new of the last generation.

Before bringing you the different professions related to the world of animals, I want to recommend the book The Animal Encyclopedia, a complete work for those who love animals full of great photos and detailed descriptions. Rated 10/10.


For those who want to work with animals , that of the vet is the profession par excellence. Becoming a veterinarian deserves an article if for the vastness of the subject.

To become a veterinarian, a 5-year university study path plus the state qualifying examination is required.

After completing the qualification, you must pass a further admission test to the graduate school for three years.

As you can see, the path is not short-lived. However, if you start as a young man, guided by a strong passion and are flexible to travel, there are many career opportunities. The veterinarian in fact does not only deal with domestic animals but also and above all with farmed animals.

Dog sitting;

An innovative professional figure, the dog sitter is the one who takes care of the dogs of others. No specific degrees are required to carry out this profession but it is a good idea to possess a canine driver license.

Dog sitter is an innovative profession that is increasingly expanding both in Italy and abroad.

Wellness clinics;

Yes, not only men and women love to be treated. Animal welfare clinics include a wide range of professional figures who take care of the psychophysical wellbeing of animals.

If you don’t have an animal (like me) maybe you can’t understand how the owners love their animals and they would do everything for their well-being. For this reason there are wellness clinics.

Educational farms;

This is my dream, so don’t try to compete with me. Joking aside, an educational farm is just a farm where children can interact with the animal world, learning to be in contact with nature.

In an increasingly alienating world, a return to the origins and traditions through the education of children is not only useful but necessary.

These farms can work closely with schools and parents, organizing outdoor activities and outings.

Is not it fantastic?


Even if those who want to work with animals normally love animals and don’t want to kill them, being a breeder can still be a major challenge.

Without getting caught up in useless hypocrisy, most of us are omnivorous.

I personally am, however, one thing that I do not tolerate is the torture that animals suffer while they are alive. Repulsive images of intensive farming are leading me to become aware of the type of product I consume.

I have significantly reduced my consumption of meat and only eat the one coming from certified farms when possible. The animal even if destined for human consumption has a dignity and as such must be respected.

This is why those who truly love animals can decide to become a responsible breeder and aware of the rights that animals have.

In addition to this you can become a breeder of animals with different purpose as a breeder of dogs, horses and fish for aquariums. As you can see, there are many possibilities.

Work at the Zoo;

I personally hate zoos. Wild animals should live freely in their natural environment. However, if the Zoo is intended as a safeguard and education structure then it is welcome.

The professional figures are varied, from maintenance to dissemination with visitors. Some of them need specific preparation, while others do not.

Marine Biologist;

As a Marine Biologist, you can work with animals in different areas. For example, you can drive sea excursions for tourists, or work in a water park or aquarium.

Unfortunately in Italy the job opportunities are quite limited but it is not said that in the future it cannot change.


Many environmental associations work trying to defend the environment and this inevitably leads to contact with animals.

Guard park;

Whether it is marine or terrestrial parks, the figure of the park guard is a much sought after location. In Italy, it is possible to work for the Forest Guard after winning a public competition.


The zoologist is the scholar who studies animals. Within this branch of Biology, Zoology is divided into various categories. For example, one of the best known is the branch of Ornithology, that is the study of birds.

To become a zoologist it is necessary to obtain a five-year degree.

As you can see, the possibilities for working with animals are different.

The most important thing is to be driven by a strong passion due to the strong competition in this field. A job in contact with nature is a popular destination for many so the only passion is not enough if it is not accompanied by adequate preparation.

The important thing to be able to work with animals is to persevere and not give up at the first adversity. 


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